1:6 Custom built crawler

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  1. F.i.M.S presents Rc....


    Greetings from u.k

    Here's my first crawler build! Would love to hear your comments!

    Body customization;

    Build progress;
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  2. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

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    Un petit tour par la case présentation
    Avant de faire ta pub
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    Thanks to presents you here before posting on the forum , it's the rule ;)
  5. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français donc im ayant du mal à comprendre votre réponse ....

    en utilisant google translate
  6. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Introduce myself before posting?? Is that correct?
  7. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

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    Introduce yourself...yes that's what i was searching (y)
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    Hi @F.i.M.S presents Rc.... , please use a translator to understand our answers and to be understood by the readers.
    Don't forget that we are on a french forum ! Or post a lot of images :hihi:
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    Mais non on est tous facile avec l'Anglais :D:D:D

    Sorry, private joke :hihi:
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  11. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Here's part 3 of the 1: 6 scratch build crawler

    See video description for vid info

    Thanks guys !!!

    Like the music?
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  12. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Small update

    Including three failed attempts at leaf springs

    Settled with a design that works, a semi- elliptical 3piece leaf with Hotchkiss style rear mount, made from scratch of course!

    Y compris trois échecs aux ressorts à lames

    Avec un design qui fonctionne, une feuille semi-elliptique 3 pièces avec monture arrière style Hotchkiss, fabriquée de toutes pièces!
  13. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Finished the rear suspension setup

    Best view at 00.45+ seconds

    This took much trial and error to be bind free and work in harmony! All made from scratch by myself using hand tools only,


    Terminé la configuration de la suspension arrière

    Meilleure vue à 00.45 secondes

    Cela a pris beaucoup d'essais et d'erreurs pour être libre et travailler en harmonie! Tout est fait à partir de rien par moi-même en utilisant des outils à main seulement,

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  14. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Here's the first test run of the 1: 6 crawler build!

    As it was for the kids, Evie (7) did the test driving for me

    Will put up more videos up when I can

    The final build update video (part 5)
  15. F.i.M.S presents Rc....


    On frozen ground

    PART 1

    Part 2

    Which do you prefer? 1 or 2 ?

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    n° 2 for me :bravo:
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  17. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Did some trailing in the woods near my village

    Raph25 et ERICK aiment ça.
  18. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Took Ewan out for a bash

    Both cars had a semi flat battery by the time we had finished, but we had just enough to get a nice tug of war going

    Video came out really well, quite pleased with it.

    Highlights at 0:30, 1:23 and 2:10

    Thanks for watching!!

    Pris Ewan dehors pour un bash

    Les deux voitures avaient une batterie semi-plate au moment où nous avions fini, mais nous avions juste assez pour faire un beau tir de guerre

    La vidéo est vraiment très bien sortie, très satisfaite.

    Faits saillants à 0:30, 1:23 et 2:10

    Merci d'avoir regardé!!
  19. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    my son ewan driving the snow

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  20. F.i.M.S presents Rc....

    Some lost footage, shot around 1 month ago up the road from my house

    the crawler has now been packed up ready for its new owner!!



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